Clifford Spencer now NEPAD’s Goodwill Ambassador

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NEPAD Agency Chief Executive Officer Dr Ibrahim Mayaki has announced the appointment of Clifford Spencer as NEPAD Goodwill Ambassador.

Mr Spencer is a professional farmer with over 40 years’ experience in global agriculture and is internationally recognised for developing alternative crops and agronomic practices. According to Dr Mayaki, Mr. Spencer will be an excellent and eloquent advocate on NEPAD’s development agenda given his strong commitment to the values and principles of NEPAD. His experience and talent will assist the NEPAD Agency reach out to and engage with important stakeholders, he noted.

Mr. Spencer expressed his gratitude on the appointment and emphasized that he will use his experience and expertise to drive the NEPAD agenda forward.

Mr Spencer acted for over a decade as a senior adviser to the United Nations Foundation on agriculture and bioenergy and the development of affordable energy, through which he developed strategies for Africa in the areas of climate change, land, lakes and seas. He has served on a panel of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany and Processors and Growers Research Organisation and as a national judge for the Agricultural Trade Awards. He is a Barclays Bank Farm of the Year award winner, former Barclays Bank business judge, previous Chairman of a regional Farming Group for the UK SustainableStrategy in Farming and Food and a UK Institute of Directors ‘Director of the Month’.

As Chief Executive Officer at the Global Biotechnology Transfer Foundation, Mr. Spencer promotes awareness of the potential for biotechnology to support sustainable, long-term, socio-economic development. Upon leaving active farming Clifford became Head of Operations at the G4 Group and was responsible for operations in South America, Africa, India and China. He is listed in “Who’s Who in the World 2015”.

The NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency (NPCA), is a technical body and development vehicle of the African Union (AU). The NPCA is responsible for the implementation of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), a strategic framework for pan-African socio-economic development. In order to address critical challenges facing the continent, the NPCA facilitates and coordinates development programmes and projects, pushing for partnerships, resource mobilization, research and knowledge management.


Facom Farm Tours – A guest Room

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A visit into a guest room at Facom Uganda Farm Tour site.

Get rich, grow maize!

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Image 02

It is practical, you can earn over ugx 2.500.000 or US $ 970 from an acre of maize. 

Because of its excellent storage properties, maize can be stored at a low cost with less spoilage than many other food crops. For the farmers to target the off season improved price of  maize, good on farm storage facilities should be practiced, the farmers should embark on use of necessary insecticides to control weevil damage.

Harvesting should be done on time to reduce post harvest losses. Like-wise, market information and possible outlets on where to sale the harvested maize should be looked for right from the onset of maize planting season.

Proper record keeping of the farm expenditure on the maize enterprise is also paramount.

Adding value to the maize by milling maize floor increases the profit to the farmer and access and use of other by products like maize brand and cobs. Thus maize-brand provides good feed for livestock when mixed with other ingredients. The cobs could be used for fuel wood or can be applied back in the crop field as mulch.

Data from FACOM Uganda

Product Average qty (kgs) Average price/kg Value Value in US $
Maize flour 2250 1800 Ugx 4050000 Ugx. 1560
Maize brand 1125 300 Ugx. 337500 Ugx. 130
total     4387500 Ugx. 1693
Less production costs 3750   1,841,500 Ugx. 710
Net profit after milling     2,546000 Ugx. 982

 For details;

Contact FACOM Uganda or sign  up to attend their up coming farmer’s exhibition.

Coming This July 12th, 13th & 14th


P.O. Box 23012 Kampala Uganda

Wilson Road Jesco Plaza Room CA-04

Phone: +256 784 105 161, +256 773 248 530, +256 772 439 896, +256 701 730 013

Agricultural Machinery now Exported Worldwide

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Price List for Renovated used Massey Ferguson 500 series Tractors

The prices given below are in UK pounds. Please click here to obtain approximate prices in other currencies. 
Prices for shipping to any destination worldwide are available on request. 
To see a more detailed specification for each tractor (and an illustration) click on the tractor model concerned.

Massey Ferguson 565, 575, 590

The farming and agricultural industries can be difficult to work in especially without the right selections of machinery and equipment. Massey Ferguson has been a leading tractor brand for many years with each tractor, whether the Massey Ferguson 565, Massey Ferguson 575 or Massey Ferguson 590 models, providing their user with the best results achievable.

The Massey Ferguson 500 series is a major competitor in the world of tractors with many models being created to suit a variety of needs and requirements. Each tractor is able to present something slightly different to the last but still maintains an excellent service and performance. We have many years of experience in agriculture we understand the need for quality tractors that can perform to the best of their ability, we ensure that every one of our reconditioned tractors in this range offer only the very best performances and services.

Here at Dumelow International Limited we stock a variety of Massey Ferguson tractors and our 500 series could offer you the solution you require.

Massey Ferguson 575 & 590

The farming and agricultural environment can place some pretty serious demands on even the toughest of farm machines, but if you find a tractor than can cope easily in such conditions then it makes life a lot easier for all concerned. The Massey Ferguson 575 and the equally superb Massey Ferguson 590 are two models that simply will not let you down and have rightly built up a reputation as quality machines, and just goes to show that the 500 series really means business. Check out our website for the latest stock of renovated machines as these are sure to be in great demand.

Africa Livestock Conference and Exhibition (ALiCE 2013)

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The Kenya Livestock Producers Association (KLPA) in collaboration with East Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) and Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association (ESADA) among other partners in the livestock sector in Africa and beyond are hosting the African Livestock Conference and Exhibition (ALiCE 2013) to be held on June 26th – 29th 2013 at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi Kenyaunder the theme ‘Towards a Competitive and Sustainable World-class Livestock Sector’.

ALiCE is the largest convergence of stakeholders in the livestock sector in Africa. This is a platform specifically aimed at stimulating trade in livestock and livestock products in Africa and beyond and facilitating technology and knowledge transfer and sharing. The event brings together producers, processors and traders of livestock and livestock products and suppliers of technology, solutions and services in the entire value chain.

Livestock Africa Conference and Exhibition will draw from around the world suppliers of genetics, animal health products, animal feeds and forage, farm equipments, animal products processors and processing equipments, livestock consultants, distributors and producers for trade and technology transfer.

A MUST attend 

The African Livestock Conference and Exhibition (ALiCE2013) presents all the players in the livestock value chain with a very unique opportunity to;

  • Grow networks in terms of vendors and consulting and partnership sourcing, prospecting for new customers and collecting competitive intelligence
  • Appreciate emerging practices and technologies, solutions and investment ideas in livestock sector from around the world
  • Get firsthand experience of some of the showcased technology and practices at work during the field trips
  • Learn from renowned speakers with vast knowledge and experience in entire livestock sector value chain
  • Learn about groundbreaking research findings from across the livestock production value chain. These presentations will be given to all the delegates in CD and/or Flash disks
  • Network with key organizations in global livestock sector at the event
  • Benefit from the opportunity to attend sessions and exhibition booths dedicated to your specific areas of interest
  • Build lasting relationships across the value chain
  • Appreciate about other livestock industry support services e.g. finance and insurance services to drive your livestock business
  • Learn about other livestock industry support services e.g. finance and insurance services
  • Lobbying for better intra regional trade policies by engaging in Q&A sessions with policy makers and decision makers
  • Discuss and debate the critical issues surrounding a sustainable livestock sector from farm to fork
  • Enhancing Image/Shaping Consumer Attitudes
  • Drive sales for your company
  • Creating positive publicity and heightening visibility

The conference will address the following among other important topics and issues;

  1. World and Africa Livestock status – an overview of trends in various aspects of livestock sector around the world e.g. production, technology, trade among other emerging issues
  2. Livestock policies and economics – to address various policies with regard to livestock sector e.g. developmental policies, trade policies, production, processing etc and how they affect the sector.
  3. Animal health – this will look into all aspects of livestock health
  4. Animal feeds and feeding – the session will address animal feeds processing, innovations, science, practices and emerging issues
  5. Animal genetics – the session will cover emerging issues, science and technology in animal genetics
  6. Livestock farming technology – this will address the technology and solutions at the farm e.g. livestock structures, various machinery etc
  7. Livestock processing and marketing – this will deal with all technology and solutions for processing, value addition and marketing of livestock products
  8. Livestock management and Environment – this will address all support services to the livestock sector e.g. financial services for livestock sector, insurance, general management and environment and sustainability issues.


Renovated Tractors and Agricultural Machinery Exported Worldwide

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Massey Ferguson 100 series (62 – 77hp)


Price List for Renovated used Massey Ferguson 100 series Tractors

The prices given below are in UK pounds. Please click here to obtain approximate prices in other currencies.
Prices for shipping to any destination worldwide are available on request.
To see a more detailed specification for each tractor (and an illustration) click on the tractor model concerned.

Massey Ferguson 165, 185, 188

Here at Dumelow International Limited we offer renovated tractors and are able to offer you tractors from the Massey Ferguson 100 series such as the Massey Ferguson 165. These tractors have been reconditioned to the highest standards and you can choose to have a sun canopy or whether you want new tyres at extra cost, all tractors are supplied with used tyres that are in good condition. All the 100 series are two wheel drives, the Massey Ferguson 185 has a Perkins 248 cylinder engine and usually a 6, 8, or 12 speed gearbox, the other members of the 100 series have a Perkins 212 four cylinder engine, and a 6 or 12 speed gearbox.

The Massey Ferguson 188 and any other from the 100 series available on our website are in excellent condition and can be used for working on a farm, whether you’re looking for a tractor which is better suited to your budget or you want to replace a tractor of the same model.

The tractors that are available will be constantly changing and so do check the website regularly, because you may just find that the 100 series tractor you are after has been added.

Massey Ferguson 188

Some machines really do stand the test of time. You can tell from the moment that you take control of them that you are going to get a lifetime of great service from them, and that is certainly something that can be said about the Massey Ferguson 188. It is no surprise that these great machines are so sought after and that is why we are delighted to make these superb machines available whenever we can. And to make finding your dream 188 even easier, we have made using our website very friendly. Finding a 188 just got a whole lot easier.

Farm radio international drama

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Using radio drama to promote orange fleshed sweet potatoes in Uganda


Florence knows something is wrong with her children. They are chronically ill, have bad skin, suffer from diarrhea and have persistent coughs. But then she learns many of these problems can be reduced through diet—by farming and eating a vitamin A-rich tuber—the orange fleshed sweet potato (OFSP).

Florence is the fictional heroine starring in Farm Radio International’s soon-to-be-broadcast mini drama radio series, My Children. But the story of this Ugandan mother and farmer is very real for many families in sub-Saharan Africa.

The World Health Organization estimates that 250 million preschool children are vitamin A deficient. Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children and may increase the risk of maternal mortality in pregnant women.

The 30-episode radio drama is currently in production and will be aired in six languages by ten partner radio stations in Uganda. The above audio clip is from the Luganda production. Farm Radio International expects the mini-series will contribute to increased knowledge of the nutrition, preparation and consumption of OFSP as 350,000 households in 13 districts have access to the mini-series.

The HarvestPlus-funded mini-drama was designed for maximum impact. Our team conducted rapid formative research in 13 districts to understand current radio listening habits and preferences and to seek out content and topics important to farmers.

Check out some of our latest live polling results that were gathered using the TracFM system:


European conference on sustainability for young adults (18-28 years) will be held in Bonn, September 1st to 7th

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On the Youth Future Conference 2013 we want to address these challenges in an interdisciplinary and multi-perspective way – in collaboration with laureates of the German Environmental Award and the “Alternative Nobel Prize”, Right Livelihood Award.

By combining the energy and enthusiasm of the young generation with the expertise and experience of the distinguished laureates we want to develop and initiate projects to promote a sustainable future.

We would like to invite young adults (18 to 28 years of age) from Europe to be part of the Youth Future Conference 2013. Join us to work for a brighter future in Bonn from September 1st to 7th and become an ambassador of right livelihood and sustainable development.

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