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It is practical, you can earn over ugx 2.500.000 or US $ 970 from an acre of maize. 

Because of its excellent storage properties, maize can be stored at a low cost with less spoilage than many other food crops. For the farmers to target the off season improved price of  maize, good on farm storage facilities should be practiced, the farmers should embark on use of necessary insecticides to control weevil damage.

Harvesting should be done on time to reduce post harvest losses. Like-wise, market information and possible outlets on where to sale the harvested maize should be looked for right from the onset of maize planting season.

Proper record keeping of the farm expenditure on the maize enterprise is also paramount.

Adding value to the maize by milling maize floor increases the profit to the farmer and access and use of other by products like maize brand and cobs. Thus maize-brand provides good feed for livestock when mixed with other ingredients. The cobs could be used for fuel wood or can be applied back in the crop field as mulch.

Data from FACOM Uganda

Product Average qty (kgs) Average price/kg Value Value in US $
Maize flour 2250 1800 Ugx 4050000 Ugx. 1560
Maize brand 1125 300 Ugx. 337500 Ugx. 130
total     4387500 Ugx. 1693
Less production costs 3750   1,841,500 Ugx. 710
Net profit after milling     2,546000 Ugx. 982

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