The Kenya Livestock Producers Association (KLPA) in collaboration with East Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) and Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association (ESADA) among other partners in the livestock sector in Africa and beyond are hosting the African Livestock Conference and Exhibition (ALiCE 2013) to be held on June 26th – 29th 2013 at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi Kenyaunder the theme ‘Towards a Competitive and Sustainable World-class Livestock Sector’.

ALiCE is the largest convergence of stakeholders in the livestock sector in Africa. This is a platform specifically aimed at stimulating trade in livestock and livestock products in Africa and beyond and facilitating technology and knowledge transfer and sharing. The event brings together producers, processors and traders of livestock and livestock products and suppliers of technology, solutions and services in the entire value chain.

Livestock Africa Conference and Exhibition will draw from around the world suppliers of genetics, animal health products, animal feeds and forage, farm equipments, animal products processors and processing equipments, livestock consultants, distributors and producers for trade and technology transfer.

A MUST attend 

The African Livestock Conference and Exhibition (ALiCE2013) presents all the players in the livestock value chain with a very unique opportunity to;

  • Grow networks in terms of vendors and consulting and partnership sourcing, prospecting for new customers and collecting competitive intelligence
  • Appreciate emerging practices and technologies, solutions and investment ideas in livestock sector from around the world
  • Get firsthand experience of some of the showcased technology and practices at work during the field trips
  • Learn from renowned speakers with vast knowledge and experience in entire livestock sector value chain
  • Learn about groundbreaking research findings from across the livestock production value chain. These presentations will be given to all the delegates in CD and/or Flash disks
  • Network with key organizations in global livestock sector at the event
  • Benefit from the opportunity to attend sessions and exhibition booths dedicated to your specific areas of interest
  • Build lasting relationships across the value chain
  • Appreciate about other livestock industry support services e.g. finance and insurance services to drive your livestock business
  • Learn about other livestock industry support services e.g. finance and insurance services
  • Lobbying for better intra regional trade policies by engaging in Q&A sessions with policy makers and decision makers
  • Discuss and debate the critical issues surrounding a sustainable livestock sector from farm to fork
  • Enhancing Image/Shaping Consumer Attitudes
  • Drive sales for your company
  • Creating positive publicity and heightening visibility

The conference will address the following among other important topics and issues;

  1. World and Africa Livestock status – an overview of trends in various aspects of livestock sector around the world e.g. production, technology, trade among other emerging issues
  2. Livestock policies and economics – to address various policies with regard to livestock sector e.g. developmental policies, trade policies, production, processing etc and how they affect the sector.
  3. Animal health – this will look into all aspects of livestock health
  4. Animal feeds and feeding – the session will address animal feeds processing, innovations, science, practices and emerging issues
  5. Animal genetics – the session will cover emerging issues, science and technology in animal genetics
  6. Livestock farming technology – this will address the technology and solutions at the farm e.g. livestock structures, various machinery etc
  7. Livestock processing and marketing – this will deal with all technology and solutions for processing, value addition and marketing of livestock products
  8. Livestock management and Environment – this will address all support services to the livestock sector e.g. financial services for livestock sector, insurance, general management and environment and sustainability issues.