Facom Brochure

Facom Brochure

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Facom's apple bananas

Facom’s apple bananas

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About Facom

FACOM was founded in 2006. It’s a fully registered company that provides farming consultation and management services. Our mission is to promote commercial farming through advising and encouraging local production in Uganda. We are Specialists in professional and commercial farming ensuring the best return and service delivery for our clients.With the latest farming advancements and knowledge, FACOM ensures the best service delivery, farming management & consultation services in Uganda.

Ask Yourself ?

  • Do you desire to Start farming but lack the Knowledge and Drive?
  • Are you too busy to dedicate time to farming in order to maximize your returns?
  • Is your farming project mismanaged or too expensive to maintain?
  • Have you failed to maximize profit from farming despite your input?
  • Do you need professional Advice and management as regard to farming?
  • Do you need land for hire or purchase to start commercial farming?


Promoting Modern Commercial farming through advising and encouraging local production


Maximizing wealth from land in the 21st century.


In this 21st century Commercial farming has taken a turn to advancement, in this new age of information and technology those engaged in agriculture or are interested don’t have fret the industry.
FACOM has made it possible to equip its clients with both the technical know how and the specialized labor to ensure full return to client investments in agriculture, it’s the first of its kind in Uganda.